Which material should I choose for my shutters?

What shutter material should you choose?

Are you uncertain which shutter material will look best? Possibly you have some quite specific requirements for your windows. We are more than happy to help you make the right choice.

As with any purchase it is always worth investigating the options, especially if you are researching products on the internet. It may seem cheaper to find a DIY solution in uPVC from an online retailer, there are several adjustments you need to make when measuring to ensure the correct size when they are delivered. You may find you have production issues, poor delivery, and you don’t have the benefit of using a local retailer that you can trust.

Our shutters are known for their quality of finish, and as a result are popular with customers all over the UK. Should you be looking for better light control in your living room, or added privacy for your bathroom, then there is a shutter for you.

White teak – Samoa

Supplied for the woodstain finish of our top-of-the-range Samoa product, Gmelina Aborea is it’s Latin name, and is from deciduous trees grown in the Solomon Islands.

The wood is a tight, silvery grain flowing through it that gives a very smooth finish, and white teak is very stable thus making it ideal for producing window shutters. Due to the fact it is light and at the same time a durable material it is also used for making cupboards and wardrobes.

Ayous – Samoa

For the painted versions of the Samoa range we use white teak, ayous (also known as obeche). Normally grown in Western/Central Africa, the wood is beautifully supple and light for a hardwood. This being the case it is a particularly flexible choice for home furnishings. It has a smooth light grain, so is a superb choice for the painted finish, and can also be used for a variety of sizes and shapes.

Waterproof shutters – Java

In wet areas we need to choose the correct material. Bathrooms, saunas, kitchens and utility rooms, where the air is often full of moisture the correct choice is vital. We supply and fit hard plastic ABS, or Acrynlonitrile Butadiene Styrene shutters to give you piece of mind.

The Java shutters are very durable, they can even be used outside. Before choosing this option it is best to discuss your requirements with us so we can advise on the most appropriate type.

Paulownia – Fiji

Paulownia is a waterproof wood that is very durable,  and is perfect for making window shutters. The trees can be found all over Europe, Russia and North America, Canada, and also in parts of Asia, such as Japan and China.

Paulownia is free from knots and is popular in boat and yacht building.

Composite shutters – Cuba / Bermuda

As an alternative to all of the above shutter materials, S:CRAFT has also a couple of shutter ranges that are comprised of different materials.

Composite shutters, from either the Cuba or Bermuda ranges, and are designed to make installation as easy as possible. They have simple, attractive and clean lines. Bermuda is crafted using durable MDF along with lightweight ABS louvers so as to reduce the weight of the panel. Cuba is an entry level hardwood range, and features an MDF frame around hardwood panels.

Hopefully this has been helpful for you in deciding which material to choose. If you are still undecided why not let us discuss it with you when we come and carry out a free home survey?

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