Coronavirus Covid-19 May Update

Your safety and the safety of our staff has been our priority during this period of shut down.

We realize that you want to get the shutters and blinds decided upon and ordered only if it can be done safely. Some customers that we have visited who are key workers had just moved in and were woken early each day by the bright spring sun, or they were kept awake due to the bright moon through the night. They needed to get the shutters and blinds ordered and fitted as soon as possible so they could sleep well. We have been able to provide quotes firstly by discussing their requirements electronically, and only visiting a property when a quote has been agreed.

Customers have provided us with the dimensions as close as possible for their proposed shutters and blinds. This has enabled us to to calculate and present quotes very accurately. When quotes have been accepted we have visited wearing the appropriate PPE (a very strange concept at first) to take the exact measurements and discuss (social distancing respected) the design and colour options of the blinds and shutters.

When we carry out a survey we always ensure that :-

  1. We call before the scheduled appointment to confirm all in the house are well and that no vunerable people are there.
  2. Ensure that we, and the customer  have appropriate PPE during the visit.
  3. Remain 2m apart from each other during the survey and discussions.
  4. Disinfect any product samples we have taken into the property before it is placed back in the vehicle.

We are pleased to say that it looks as if the blind factory will be able to function safely soon, (shutter factory is producing already) if the government allows this with it’s announcement that we eagerly await for this coming Sunday.

In the meantime we will continue to work safely so that you do not have to wait too long for your window dressings, shutters or blinds.

Stay safe, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Team Charles Faraday


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