Solid Shutters Shaker Style

Shaker Panel Shutters

Shaker panel shutters are solid panel window shutters, and should be seriously considered if you desire to make a statement in your home or workplace. The rooms in modern properties tend to be very sparse, devoid of character. By simply adding shutters to the windows you instantly have a room with a feeling of class and distinction, a boring room becomes interesting, and a place of beauty.

If your home is already a period property and you really want to either restore some of its original character or add to its existing charm then the installation of shaker panel shutters will do the trick and keep the ‘wow factor’ in your property. If your passion is interior design, then the solid panel shutter is a favourite of interior designers who love them due to the fact that they provide a unique feel to any room. Steer away from curtains that are now considered dated and due to dust collection can trigger allergies.

How You Choose Your Shaker Shutter Style

The completely solid style shutter are great and really easy to keep clean and dust free and provide you with a stunning period feel to your room. The second choice is the style with a louvred upper section, which can be opened separately. This provides you with the options which may be useful under certain conditions such as:

  1. High-traffic areas take a lot of use, so the solid base means that any knock it receives it can cope better.
  2. Superb for any room that faces towards the street, as the top louvred section can be opened a lot or a little, providing you with just the amount of light while at the same time providing you privacy.
  3. Cupboards and wardrobes benefit from the movement of air so as not to become musty. Having the louvres open provides you with ventilation as required.
  4. You have the option to allow a little or a lot of light and air into the room as needed.

Solid Panel Shutters

We have a range of quality Solid Panel Shutters. The hardwood used for our Fiji and Samoa range is the finest timber for use in the construction of solid shutter panels.

Fiji shutters are constructed from high quality hardwood that will withstand the busy life styles, and maintain that quality look for many years. The stained Fiji shutter range is manufactured from Paulownia, which is a plantation wood that takes up to ten years to become mature. It is a sustainable timber as it can regrow from its existing root stump.

The Samoa range is manufactured from white teak, when it is stained, and we use ayous (obeche) when the painted option is chosen. The Samoa range is one of the worlds finest shutter materials, and because of its excellent properties it offers the widest range of design options that will suit your home design.

Louvred Shutters-The Perfect Solution For Fitted Wardrobes 

A wardrobe requires a steady air flow within otherwise your clothes can develop a musty, stale odour. It can be tricky keeping your clothes smelling fresh if they have been in your wardrobe for a while. By fitting louvred shutters you will have the perfect solution as the ventilation to the inside will be continuous. A mixture of solid panel and louvred sections is an ideal option for wardrobes, as you will have a good airflow around your clothes clothes, but at the same time you will not be able to see inside.

This free blog push is aimed at providing you with top tips and information so that you can make an informed decision when you choose your shutters or wardrobe doors. So if you are wanting to have an amazing look for your windows or wardrobes, created from quality materials, finished painted or stained, contact your shutter specialist Charles Faraday for a free no obligation survey.

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