Free Window Shutter Ideas for You.

Here is our free guide of top tips to get you thinking about shutters for your home. There are times when you have just had enough of ‘the same old same old’ Is now the time to invest in a window treatment that is going to give your room that ‘wow factor’? Before you get started you will need to sit down, and contemplate what image you want to create. Think about your current colour scheme, the shapes and sizes of your existing windows, is the room facing south or north?

Curtains are not as popular as they once were. Now with the vast choice of blinds, and lately the popularity of wooden window shutters due to the sleek elegant lines, practicality, durability and ease of cleaning, they have increased in popularity.  

Ideas for Window Treatments 

Wooden window shutters have become increasingly popular as window treatments over the past 10 years. Home owners have discovered their clean, minimalist lines. Window shutters, made from wood and finished to a wonderful stain or painted colour will really transform your room from where it is now to a new era. Where do you want to go with your room? Shabby chic, ultra modern, classy or even rustic? 

If you are wanting to take the plunge then consider Charles Faraday shutters and blinds. As a business involved with shutters for decades we know what we are talking about. We can manufacture shutters to suit any shape or size of window. Bay windows look wonderful and can also be complemented with a top pelmet as an added feature for when you want something different.

How do you find the Best Solutions for Window Treatments?

All rooms are different in design and shape. some have double featured windows or a feature window, possibly a bay or a tall narrow window, and not forgetting the good old French door. Window shutters wether bays, arched, irregular shaped will look great. Maybe they are bay-shaped, arched or an irregular size, our bespoke shutters will fit them perfectly, and will make any of your windows look stunning.

It can be tricky when you consider also the furniture and other features in your room, such as your internal doors, skirting and floor coverings such as carpet, tiles or bare floor boards. The colour and style of your existing window frames are a factor to consider as window treatments using shutters will be greatly enhanced if the shutters match the frames.

Curtains are so expensive and take regular cleaning, and do not provide a good solution for modern day living. The installation of window shutters as window treatments are the better option, and our top tip of the month. Curtains can provide full privacy only when they are fully closed, whereas when you have shutters installed it is possible to close them slightly and with the right angle that will allow you to maintain privacy, but at the same time allow light to pour in. Curtains require regular washing to keep them free from dust and clean, so are not the best choice as window treatments.  Plantation shutters on the other hand require only a quick flick with a feather duster or slightly moist sponge.

Trends and Fashions 

If you want to be in with the crowd shutters and modern style blinds such as verticals with smart fabrics, wooden Venetians will turn heads, but nothing can match the beauty of the biggest current window treatment trend, that of shutters, such as those supplied and fitted by Charles Faraday. Not only will they last basicly indefinitely, but after years of practically maintenance free you will still be in love with your quality window shutters. Our customers will back us up on this fact. That is why our customers come back for more shutters, once their first set have been installed. 

Plantation shutters will look great in high-gloss white, coloured or natural stained hardwood. Why not think about cafe shutters for that chic French feeling, or possibly go for the solid shutters with louvred tops? These are something else in any Victorian styled home or country house.

The slat widths can be something that changes the feel of a room. Wide for the modern feel, narrow for the cottage. You decide how much light to allow into your room, and how much privacy to give yourself. If you want to change your decor a few years down the road, just paint your shutters to the colour you want. When you take all these things into account it will give you a good idea as to the best solutions for your window treatments.

So if you live around either Shrewsbury, Telford, Birmingham,Wolverhampton, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent and want quality window shutters or blinds call Charles Faraday-Shutters and Blinds for the best deal around.

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