Have you considered Panel Blinds?

Panel Blinds are something to consider if you are looking for something different, yet practical and modern. Our top tip is that you be a little different in your choice of blinds. They look great in both domestic and commercial installations.

Throughout the European sales market Panel Blinds have continually been an extremely popular choice in the commercial sector along with the domestic installations. The UK is a different story. Panel blinds were introduced into the UK about 11 years ago, and the thought of buying panel blinds didn’t feature very much in minds of purchasers, possibly due to the fact that the marketing and product information was lacking

We thought that it would be good to provide you with some useful details concerning panel blinds, and why they should be considered as a serious choice over other blinds such as Vertical, Venetian and Roller blinds. What are the best situations to install panel blinds? Why you should consider having them installed, not only in the commercial areas, but also in domestic environments? Especially with growing popularity of bi-fold doors, and the complications of choosing a perfect blind solution for these beautiful doors, Panel blinds are worthy of your consideration.

Was you aware that that ninety percent of the time vertical blinds are chosen as the solution for bi-fold doors? Vertical blinds are cheap, easy to fit and offers what many imagine is the best or only solution. Panel Blinds can be fitted quicker, thus making them financially an interesting option from the labour saving aspect. They also offer what we all want, a high-end designer finish. Add to the fact that they are not really the first choice of most, you will be setting the trend among your friends. Being so different and at the same time stylish they will fit in perfectly with the overall finish of your home, and will reflect the investment you have made throughout the property.

Today we are becoming ever more demanding when it comes to major investments such as bi-fold doors, and panel blinds should be seriously considered if you want a designer finish. They will become a fantastic focal point in the room.

Energy efficiency and child safe in design, if operated with the wand system. Panel blinds reduce heating or cooling costs as they reduce solar gain during the summer months and help insulate your home during winter which is something we must always consider especially with bi-fold doors as they have such an expanse of glass.

Panel blinds should also be considered as a room divider. You’re able to create new useful spaces within a modern home or office.

So if you are looking for free advice, and tips on the best way to dress your windows then look no further, pick up the phone or drop us an email and we will happily come and discuss the options with you and assist you in arriving at the best decision.

We supply and install blinds and window shutters in the areas of Kidderminster, Ludlow, Welshpool, Oswestry, Whitchurch, Stafford, Telford, Shrewsbury, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

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