Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows are the most difficult type of window to dress. Bay windows come in many different shapes and sizes. They all have varying inside angles, including 150,135 and 90 degrees, but the list of angles is nearly endless, all bays are unique. It is essential to display bay windows in all their stunning glory.

How do you make the most of this feature? Simply covering them with curtains or blinds does not do them justice.  Window shutters assist in opening up and showing off this feature of the room. Shutters are so much easier to operate also. You know the problem you have when you don’t really want the curtains closed, but the sun is right in the middle of the bay. Closing the curtains or blinds at one side looks terrible, and having both curtains or all the blinds closed just puts the room in total darkness. When you have shutters installed, the clever louvre system allows you to have full control of the light that enters your room. You are able to control the light and shade you require simply by altering the angle of some louvres without putting the whole room in darkness. If you choose the split louvre option, you can increase your control even greater.

Our top tip is that you discuss all your options with us here at Charles Faraday-Shutters to ensure that you have the shutters crafted and designed to your specific requirements. We are happy to discuss at length and in detail in the comfort of your own home treatments for unusual shaped windows.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

  • Privacy– many properties are on busy streets where people and cars are going by. We fitted shutters to a bay this week and it was right by the pavement. We solved the problem of people seeing in by forming a split in the louvre operating system which meant that the upper louvres stayed open, but the lower ones closed so the occupier had privacy at low lever but maintained a good supply of light from the upper section. Café style shutters are another option that is worthy of consideration also.
  • Insulation– Keeping a grip on our heating costs is an important factor in everyone’s budget. Shutters provide for you an important thermal barrier between your window glass and the interior of your room. This means that your radiations do not need to work so hard during the deep winter months. In the summer they also aid to keep the heat out, reducing the need for air conditioning and fans.
  • Light control– It is very annoying for your enjoyment to be disturbed by sunlight while you are eating or watching television etc. With shutter you can protect your furniture and soft furnishings also so easily

Different Styles of Bay Windows

  1. The Bow Window
  2. The Box Bay Window
  3. The Circle Bay Window

Cheap Shutters, DIY on-line

Buying cheap shutters on-line and doing it yourself is not as easy as it seems with standard windows. With bays it is practically impossible to do yourself, with all the angles they are very tricky.

We can manufacture and install bespoke shutters to all bay shapes.

It is great when you just sit back and let the professionals take all the stress off you.

Why not give contact us now for a free no obligation survey?

We cover all the West Midlands and the towns around Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Stafford, Whitchurch, Kidderminster, Ludlow and well into Wales.

We look forward to receiving your call and meeting you soon.

Team Charles Faraday.

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