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Having concertina style folds, the pleated blind is a brilliant choice due to its modern and minimalist look.

Bi-fold doors can be fitted with blinds by installing our Intu pleated blind system, which allows the doors to open fully and the blind remaining in place between the folding doors.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds provide you with an ideal solution for privacy along with sun protection in a wide choice of styles, designs and the highest-quality fabrics. The blind features a stylish pleat width of 20mm. If you want to have added insulation, there’s also the option of pearlised fabric, on which aluminium particles are bonded to the fabric. Pleated blinds are superb for conservatories as they have not only a cooling effect, but also filter out the sunlight and prevent the room from becoming too hot.

Choice in fabrics

Pleated blinds are available in fabrics with varying levels of transparency – transparent, translucent, dim out and block out. Pleated blinds provide soft shading effects when lowered that will achieve an ideal balance allowing plenty of light if you choose the translucent option. Should you require more privacy choose between dim out or block out options. Pleated blinds are not only visually stunning but they are practical also. They will protect furniture from the damaging sunlight and keep energy costs down with this efficient blind. Choose from a wide selection of energy-efficient, flame-retardant stunning fabric designs.

Hardware options

Choose between a free-hanging blind which is operated with a cord, or a pre-tensioned blind, which slides up and down without a cord. The smooth lines and a fuss-free finish make the pre-tensioned version, a child-friendly blind that works without the use of cords. Marry the beautiful fabrics up with a Perfect Fit frame for a streamlined, seamless finish. The Perfect Fit frames fix directly onto your glass on either the door or window and can be colour co-ordinated to your existing frame colour.

Additional features

We can offer you a selection of optional additions such as the honeycomb fabric structure as displayed. These work very well to build a thermal barrier for added insulation, and very useful sun protection elements. With the honeycomb fabrics you have the aesthetic benefit of the vertical cords being hidden from view. Choose from a wide selection of energy-efficient, flame-retardant stunning fabric designs. The pleated blind range can also be fitted as either a free hanging blind or into a Perfect Fit frame for a finish that looks as if they had been fitted to the window from new.

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