Plantation Shutters

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  1. Contact us for a free no obligation survey at a time to suit you.
  2. We take the measurements and discuss with you the many shutter design options available.
  3. We leave and send a quote later so you do not feel pressured to buy on the day.
  4. Check the details of the quote, and accept it if you are completely happy.
  5. Relax knowing that your shutters will be fitted with care and to perfection.

We are

  • Proud of our reputation.
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  • A family run business with decades in the industry.
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  • Bringing life size samples to you so you better understand your choices.
  • Known for spending as long as it takes during the survey to fully understand your requirements.


We are not

  • Offering sub-standard goods.
  • Wanting you to choose from tiny samples.
  • Trying to sell you a product you will not be fully satisfied with.
  • Demanding a sale by commission driven sales representatives.
  • A franchise, so we are free to offer you the best deals possible.

Full Height

Full height shutters are our most popular style of shutters due to their flexibility and simplicity. Full height shutters do exactly what they say. Simply and quickly they cover over the full height of the window.

You can have them split horizontally providing you the ability to fully control high or low sections of the shutter.

For more information please contact us now.


This is a style of shutter that has separate panels at the top and bottom. This is similar to full height shutters, however you can fully open a full panel of the upper or lower sections independently providing a clear view to the outside without any louvres across that section of window. 

Cafe style shutters

These will provide you with a feeling of a French style. Only the lower half of the window is covered to ensure privacy but allows light into the room. Solid window shutters maximise privacy and insulation.


Sliding shutters are available in various styles. You have the choice of tracked shutters offering you a gliding system for opening and closing.

Bi-fold shutters, also known as concertina style are really good for windows, wardrobes and cupboards but open partly into the room or corridor thus reducing your moving space.

By-pass shutters, also run on tracks where the doors slide past. They have a contemporary feel, and are perfect if you have restricted space.

Odd Shapes

Our window shutters can be manufactured to fit your windows regardless of their shape. We can supply and fit into windows that are circular, arched or angled. For more information please call us now.

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Add value to your home

Plantation window shutters can be classed as a fixture, thereby potentially adding value to your home.

They are both practical and easy to clean, and suitable for bathrooms and kitchens where steam is frequently produced. Call them Plantation Shutters or Californian Shutters it is up to you, however they are excellent for use indoors in a range of colours and styles including full height, tier on tier, cafe style and tracked. Choose between fixed louvres or adjustable louvred shutters.

Known also as
Californian Shutters

they have sleek minimalist lines and will truly look stunning no matter which room in the house you have them. If you choose a beautiful stained or bold painted finish they can provide your room with a focal point, or choose a neutral colour to allow your wooden window shutters to simply blend into the background. Window shutters are a perfect alternative to curtains.