Why can’t you sleep?

The best way to block out the sun is to have bespoke integrated blackout blinds fitted with your shutters.

There are many sources of light that can sneak into our bedrooms. The summer sun is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, but the full moon can also be very bright at night. There are street lights, car head lights is your bedroom is on the ground floor and cars come towards your house in the night. The integrated black out blind is the best solution for you to combat this problem.

If you are a key worker, possibly on shifts, then our top tip for you is to have one of our blackout blinds installed. It does not have to be a blind integrated with one of our plantation window shutters. We can supply and fit blackout blinds separately in a choice of fabrics and designs, plain colours or patterned.

You may have young children who need complete darkness to have good sleep, and to provide you with a break from the demands of active children. When the children sleep well you are free to do the things you can do best without distraction.

Do you have a home cinema? Get closer to the cinema feel with blackout blinds.

If you want a really great window dressing addition to your shutter then a blackout blind will work well for you in the management of the light entering your rooms and will look outstanding you’re your decor. By adding a room darkening blind you are providing an extra layer behind the shutters, reducing the external light trying to enter your room to almost nothing. This is why they are  great and makes them ideal for nurseries or bedrooms of your children young or older who find it difficult to sleep during the day.

You are not only limiting light entering into your room, Charles Faraday blinds will also restrict visibility into the room to anyone on the outside if you decided to leave the louvres in the open position. You now will have the combination of Shutter & Shade the best window covering for bedrooms, cinema rooms or bathrooms etc, where privacy is of utmost importance during the day or night.

Due to the clever design of our blinds they are perfect for trapping air and assist to the additional thermal insulation that is important to any home.

Areas where black out blinds are important

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Children’s Nurseries
  3. Cinema Rooms
  4. Any room where you need effective control of the light from outside

Do not hesitate to contact us for an informal, free, no obligation chat about what combination of shutter and blinds will be best suited to your way of living.

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