Express Shutters

Nobody likes to wait for any products that we order, this includes window shutters. Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has placed us in unprecedented times where nearly everything in our day to day lives is affected.

We now have the possibility to install your shutters in about 7-8 weeks from order on most types of shutters.

How can we manage to do this?

Some of our shutters are made here in the UK, so you do not have to wait for your shutters to be sent by ship from China, where most shutters are made.

Window shutters that we do not make here in the UK are now available via our express train service that reduces the lead time down to around 7-8 weeks. Last year before the pandemic we were supplying shutters in about 6 weeks. We are hoping to get down to this 6 week time scale again very soon.

So no matter what your requirements are for either Cafe style, full height, bi-fold, or tracked, we have the speedy solution for you.

Why not get in contact with us now for a free no obligation survey and quote?

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